Administrative Support Division

The Sunnyside Police Department Administrative Support Division consists of one Commander, one Corrections Sergeant, and 12 Corrections Officers , and civilian staff members. The following units are within the Administrative Support Division:

Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU)

- The Sunnyside Police Department's Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU) investigates specific crimes against persons and property. Staff members assigned to the CIU includes one Detective Sergeant, two Detectives, and one civilian Crime Analyst. The primary function of the CIU is to conduct follow-up investigations, interview suspects, victims, and witnesses; analyze information for validity, reliability, and accuracy; and compile a comprehensive and factual case file to be presented in court.

Street Crimes & Problem Oriented Policing Unit

- The Street Crimes Unit consists of one Sergeant and three full-time officers who address issues and criminal activity that demands more attention than a routine patrol response. The Street Crimes Unit aggressively addresses gang violence, drug and gun violations, and quality of life issues. This unit also supplements the daily operations of the uniformed Patrol Division and assists Criminal Investigations Unit and Regional Narcotics Task Force with their investigations. The Street Crimes Unit partners with the Code Enforcement Officer and Department of Corrections Officers to address criminal activity in the City's neighborhoods.

Records Unit

- The SSPD Records Unit serves as one of the most important functions in the Department. It has responsibility for entering and processing all crime, traffic, warrant, registrant, citation, and property information into computerized databases. It is critical that information loaded into these systems is accurate and complete. Incorrect information entered into these systems can make the difference between a wanted person going free, or being taken into custody. The Records Unit is responsible for processing all paperwork for the Courts, Prosecution, and Defense Attorneys regarding arrests and investigations handled b the Sunnyside Police Department.

Property and Evidence Unit

- Property and Evidence taken from crime scenes comes in many shapes and sizes; as small as a human hair or as large as a full-sized truck, all stored in the SSPD Property and Evidence Room. A critical element for a successful prosecution depends on how the evidence is identified, collected, and preserved. If evidence is not handled properly or is stored improperly, criminals may go free and put our community and its citizens at risk.


- The Sunnyside City Jail currently employs XX Corrections Officers, and one Corrections Sergeant who manage a 97 bed jail facility at the Sunnyside Law and Justice Center. In addition to housing city of Sunnyside inmates, we contract with outside agencies to house their prisoners as well.

Dispatch Unit

- The Sunnyside Police Department Dispatch Unit is the communication lifeline for Police, Fire and EMS responders. The Unit provides 24 hour emergency and non-emergency dispatch service to the citizens of Sunnyside. Dispatchers are the critical link between citizens in need and first responders. They receive calls through 911 and non-emergency phone lines, triage incidents, and provide reassurance and understanding to citizens during an emergency.

Administrative Support Staff

- The Sunnyside Police Department Administrative Support Staff are valued members of our team. They handle a variety of jobs including answering the phones, greeting the public, solving problems, and planning important events. Support staff members are key to our team's success.