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Department Layout
This department is comprised of 31 sworn officers, which includes the chief of police and deputy chief. We also operate a dispatch center and jail with a capacity for 97 inmates.

We are supported in our efforts by a reserve officer unit of approximately 16 volunteer officers and an explorer post made up of approximately 20 high school aged youth. 

Patrol - The Sunnyside Police Department patrol unit consists of four patrol sergeants, and 12 patrol officers. Patrolmen respond to a variety of calls and patrol the streets and traffic.

School Resource Officer - The Sunnyside Police Department has two full time school resource officers who respond to calls that occur within schools in the Sunnyside School District. In addition to responding to calls, the SROs do presentations in various classrooms on crime and safety.

Gang Unit - The Gang Unit consists of two full time officers who work proactively to eliminate gangs and gang activity in the city of Sunnyside.

HUD - Our one HUD officer is specifically assigned to respond to calls that occur on Housing Authority properties. In addition to responding to calls on those specific properties he also is tasked with creating block watches and helping educate the tenants.

Hospital Officers - The Sunnyside Police Department and Sunnyside Community Hospital contract for hospital security services. Currently we have five full time hospital officers that provide 24 hour security for the hospital and staff.

Reserves - The Sunnyside Police Department operates a reserve officer program where citizens can apply, train and respond with Sunnyside police officers on a volunteer basis.

SWAT - We currently have a full and active SWAT Team. The Sunnyside Police Department has a full entry and perimeter team as well as two medics and three negotiators.

Explorers - Sunnyside Police have one of the largest Explorer posts in the state of Washington. Explorers are volunteers between the ages of 14 and 21 who train, assist, and volunteer for the department in a number of different capacities.

Corrections - The Sunnyside City Jail currently employs five corrections officers, two corporals and a corrections sergeant who manage a 97 bed jail facility at the Sunnyside Law and Justice Center. In addition to housing city of Sunnyside inmates, we contract with outside agencies to house their prisoners as well. 

Dispatch - The Sunnyside Police Department employs four full time dispatchers who report to the corrections corporals and sergeant. They answer all emergency and non-emergency calls where people are reporting something to the department. They also monitor a number of doors, inmates, and process various court and police paperwork.

Support - The Sunnyside Police Department employs several support staff to assist in collection of paperwork, distribution of reports, concealed pistol licenses, processing of fingerprints, data entry, and respond to a variety of other questions and tasks.